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Vocabulary Substitutes

1- Think Over It: 1- Give it some thought 2-Consider it for a while 3- Make up your mind 4- Please give it your consideration 2- Postpone It: 1- Can we wait on that? 2- Can I have a rein

Kinds of Tenses

Tense actually shows the time situation or some event happening. Kinds of Tenses: Time can be divided into three periods: 1- Present 2- Past 3- Future Next are the time sections: 1- Indefinite 2- Continuous 3- Perfect 4- Perfect Continuous

Kinds of Sentence

Now when you have come to know about sentence and its structure, let us see, of how many types a sentence may be. This is because Sentence-Structure depends upon kind of Sentence. Followings are the basic kinds of a sentence.

Role of Vocabulary

Today vocabulary has got much importance and it has vital role in improvement of your English Language Skills. Even when you apply for some interview or test, there is a specific section for checking your vocabulary grip. How to Improve

Direct & Indirect Narration

Direct & Indirect Narration: Communication or Conversation between two or more people is called Narration. It has two categories: 1- Direct Speech 2- Indirect Speech 1- Direct Speech: When we write the sayings of some person in the same wording

Active & Passive Voice

Active Voice: When a subject is doing something (Subject is active), it is called Active Voice. Examples: He writes a letter. Cats drink milk etc. Passive Voice: When Subject is action receiver rather than action doer (Subject is Passive) and